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10-09-2012, 08:08 PM
Hey All,

Im new to the site and heard good things about these boards. Figure I would drop and line and say hey. I bowl on a league in Kansas City and I avg about 185, looking to get better :) I have been bowling since December 2011 and I am in love with it. Best sport hands down lol. Well I look forward to expanding my knowledge and exp from these boards.


10-09-2012, 10:28 PM
Welcome to the forum. Sharing and learning is what it's all about lol

10-10-2012, 12:23 AM
Welcome to bowlingboards!

10-10-2012, 08:50 AM
Welcome! This is a great resource with a wealth of knowledgeable individuals.

10-10-2012, 08:57 AM
Welcome to the boards, hope you enjoy!

10-10-2012, 09:23 AM
Welcome to the forum.

10-10-2012, 03:09 PM
Welcome to the forum!

10-10-2012, 06:31 PM
Welcome sir! Enjoy your stay!

10-16-2012, 03:57 PM
Hi. new to bowling forums. This is my third season bowling. I bowl in Northern New Jersey and am now starting to figure out some of the nuances and technical stuff about bowling. (Certainly more than throw the ball at the pins, for certain). There is a lot of good info I see here. After reading a bit, I am beginning to understand the lingo. What I learned most was the mental game. It's all about focus. Thanks for being here.

10-19-2012, 09:01 AM
Welcome to the boards!

10-19-2012, 09:15 AM

10-19-2012, 11:39 AM
I am almost new to this site as well, I average about a 150 and sanctioned through USBC. My biggest problem is the ten pin and can't carry, I nail the pocket most times and end up with the dreaded ten pin and most times I miss it, I have gotten better recently, but I would probably have a higher average and would be bowling more 200 games if I could just carry. Mostly, I am not looking for help for me, you see, my son, Brandon is in to Bowling, it runs in the family, he just started his 1st youth league and is 14yrs old and idolizes Pete Weber, I mean IDOLIZES, everything from the sunglasses to the etonic golf glove to his way high back swing, and Brandon has Aspberger's, which is a form of Autism, I was wanting to know if anyone knows Pete Weber or talks to him regularly or if anyone knows anyone in the Canton, Ohio area that could coach my son Pro Bono? Please and thank you.:)

10-22-2012, 09:56 AM
Welcome to the forum!

10-30-2012, 09:20 AM
Welcome to the boards. Tons of knowledge around here.

11-20-2012, 08:21 PM
welcome to the site

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11-20-2012, 08:44 PM
welcome to the site

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I didn't know ugg made boats! This site is truly a wealth of knowledge! :P