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08-07-2014, 01:48 PM
The new AMF Decimate and Torch are a great addition to the awesome incinerate solid and Incinerate pearl balls.

I drilled the Decimate stronger than the Torch. I drilled my Decimate pin up and to the right off ring finger and the CG and mass bias to the right of thumb with a weight hole over in the P2 at a 7/8's hole at 3 inches deep. What this has done for me is give me full advantage of the core cover combo. It reads the front and middle part of the lane very well giving me the ability to play them straighter or move in and play the lane in around third and fourth arrow. Now the Decimate will be the stronger of the two and weaker than the Incinerate solid. Stronger than the Torch by about 7-10 boards for me. (I'm right handed).

The Incinerate will be about 10-15 boards stronger than the Decimate. The Decimate will be stronger than the Incinerate Pearl 5 boards. The Incinerate Pearl will be about 3-5 boards stronger than the Torch. These choices are off my style of bowling and will differ when not on a typical house shot.

Now when I drilled my Torch I went with a pin up, Cg kicked a little and mass bias right next to thumb. In doing so I allow my moves to be easy due to the fact that the decimate is about 7-10 boards stronger. My Torch being drilled that way gives me a smoother front end with all the punch on the back. When I need to have more control and extra pop on the backend I will take out the torch. These new cover core combos you will see on and in our equipment make decision making easier than ever!

Andrew Jensen
900 Global/AMF Staff

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