View Full Version : roto grip hysteria my first review of a bowling ball

11-13-2014, 11:16 PM
I have never reviewed a bowling ball so excusing me if I don't put all the in info down right. also I only been bowling for close to a year so this is a novice point of view.

lay out unknown, my driller set it up close to my ebonite cyclone (my first reactive ball), I just take it him and he sets me up.
otb finish
rev rate has not been figured

The first night I bowled with the ball, it was pretty much right out of the box. no practice, anything. warmed up before league. figured out where I had to start my approach on the first game, learned I went from started on the center dot (still learning the board count) and moving 2 to 10 board right or left with my cyclone. to started 20 boards to the left of the center dot and working 1 to 2 boards of that board. something has changed in my bowling style it self that could explain part of that move.

in the first 4 frames of watching the ball pretty much hook right to left the full width of the lane only hitting the 7 and maybe the 4 pin I knew it was going to be fun. bowled a 130 woo hoo. next two games I bowled much better, slowed my speed to 13.5 to 14.5, watch the pins explode from pocket shots. the backend action of the ball was greater at low speeds (for me) the my cyclone which has been my favorite ball, and has to be thrown at 15.5 to 16.5 to get the same reaction.

my house loves to use very low volume of oil, so they burn up fast. the hysteria works well there. I have not had the chance to try it at other centers yet.

in my opinion, a great ball, fits well with my style of bowling, as long as I do my part, the ball is a beast in the pocket. great pins reaction .