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12-07-2014, 02:32 PM
Anyone out there actually have, or know someone that has thrown the Bill Hall new line of bowling balls?? He did say to Icegod yesterday, that they are made by global! I do not know that much about his new line, AND don't know anyone that has one yet? I have a chance to get one at a pretty fair price, just not sure its the ball I will be happy with???

12-07-2014, 02:39 PM
NST by Blend10®

Ball Weight :

14 Lbs.15 Lbs.16 Lbs.

Pin Position :

Any Available (1 to 4 Inches)2 to 3 Inches3 to 4 Inches4 to 5 Inches

Top Weight :

Any Available (1 to 4 Ounces)2 to 3 Ounces3 to 4 Ounces


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Ball Talk

What’s in a name? For New School Technology, it’s the NST. With this bowling ball, Blend10® will be offering a new core design that is unique to the market along with our own special Blend10® ball coverstock. The goal here is to surpass the more modern ball motions that are currently offered in the marketplace and that many bowlers are looking for!
• Strong backend motion
• Mid-lane control
• Unique core dynamics that give great hitting power and keep pins lower on the deck for increased carry percentage

Characteristics of the patent pending Angled Core Insert

The unique core design of the patent pending A.C.I. will enhance all three phases of the NST’s reaction
1 ) Skid- In this phase, the cores design will assist in creating quicker revs as the ball begins its travel down lane.
2 ) Hook- This phase is enhanced as the friction of the lane catches up with the friction of the coverstock thus allowing the patent pending A.C.I. core to quicken its revolutions.
3 ) Roll- As the third and final phase of roll comes into play the core and coverstock blend together to its maximum level to give you that strong impact into the pins but with a very controllable motion!

This core design will offer the characteristics of having that all important mid-lane control with a very strong backend motion on the lane!

–Bill Hall

14 2.490 0.048 Patent Pending ACI B10A16 1500 Abralon Polished 4-6 Inches
15 2.480 0.048 Patent Pending ACI B10A16 1500 Abralon Polished 4-6 Inches
16 2.460 0.048 Patent Pending ACI B10A16 1500 Abralon Polished 4-6 Inches
PDF Links:
• Symmetrical Ball Drilling Instructions
- See more at: http://blend10bowling.com/home/13-new-school-technology-by-blend10.html#sthash.JXLjTMDB.dpuf