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01-13-2016, 10:10 AM
Drilled my Primo Solid 55* x 5" x 40*

The latest release in the Reliable Use Line from Radical is a real gem! A wonderful compliment to the pearl version (original Primo), this is ball is noticeably stronger on patterns where the oil volume or length is higher/longer. After a 4k pad to the cover, this ball has allowed me to play a different part of the lane than the original, and a different shape downlane, thus through the pins. I see this ball about 3 boards stronger than the original, with a much faster read on the pattern. This is ideal when I have needed to move deeper, and the pearl is not able to carry enough energy through the pins in order to carry.

Radical is releasing great equipment right now! Even though you may not have heard of them very often, you need to throw the stuff, it is really good!

I'm happy to answer question(s) you might have about any Radical Bowling Technologies bowling ball. Shoot me an email, chrisheringer@gmail.com

01-22-2016, 08:21 PM
I am so incredibly excited about this ball!! Finally Brunswick has made a symmetrical solid that clears the front and reads the mid-lane while saving most of the motion for the back (instead of burning up in the middle of the lane). This strong, continuous angular arching motion is one that is great for medium to medium-oily lanes. I drilled mine 70 x 5.25 x 30 ... the downlane motion is everything I would want from an ideal symmetrical solid. I can't wait to drill a pin down to take to nationals. This ball is something special. If you're thinking of a new one to put in the bag for nationals, you have to consider this one.
-Adam Ferri