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04-07-2016, 10:55 AM
Specs: Left Handed, 15 mph, ~400 rev rate, drilled my Jackpot 45*x4x70* (PAP is 4 1/2" over, 1/2" up). This puts the pin below the bridge for me...I needed a weight hole as well. I chose this drilling because I had already drilled my Rave and Rave On with the pin above the fingers. I wanted to add some additional options to the lower end of my arsenal.

This new pearl cover along with drilling the pin down has given me a completely new look. This has allowed me to stay closer to the lower volumes of oil and expect a slightly earlier, cleaner roll, than what I see out of the Rave On. The pearl allows this ball to push and change direction, the weight block controls this change of direction.

For comparison purposes, this can be used whenever I have to ball down from the Rave or Rave On, it could also be used if I need to ball up from my Rack Attack, where I need to read the lanes from front to back. Sometimes length and strong reaction on the back are not the right look for being able to carry all 10 pins in all scenarios. Variety is the spice of life....Variety is also essential if you want to have a chance to always compete at any tournament you go to! The Jackpot is the latest release in the EZ Use Line. I strongly suggest you get yourself one.
Win the Jackpot with a Jackpot!

Thanks for reading my review. Please let me know if you have any questions about the Jackpot, or any other Radical Bowling Technology ball. Email me at chrisheringer@gmail.com

04-07-2016, 11:38 AM
I just looked at the Radical Video on the Jackpot. It sure finishes like an Asymmetric ball. My Mastermind Genius also ends with an L shape. This is a very weird finish.