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04-07-2016, 11:15 AM
Specs: Left Handed, 15 mph, ~400 rev rate. Drilled my Rave On 50* x 5" x 30*. For me, this puts the pin above my bridge and CG slightly off center.

The Rave On is the next release after the original Rave in the EZ Use Line. The Rave was an exceptionally clean ball that allowed me (as a lefty) to get in and watch the ball tip on the back. The Rave On is like the Rave, just more on the back of the lane.

I found the Rave to be an exceptional compliment between my Rack Attack line and the Primo. The Rave On is now fitting a void where the Primo (or the Primo Solid) is too much ball, but the Rave might have started burning up as it made its way through the pins. The Rave On allows me to open the lane up more, when their has been an oil embargo at your center. The Rave On, with its hybrid pearl cover, allows me to get farther right than the original Rave, and remain farther left than I would need to be with the Primo. The cover also allows me to play direct, near the dirt on a house pattern, if there is no place to go by moving my feet right. This pearl cover still gets the ball down lane with enough pop on the back to get the pins where they need to be.....laying down!

I didn't think I'd like an entry level ball more than the Rave....Having drilled the Rave and Rave On very similar, I can use the Rave On as a tremendous compliment to the Rave!

I'm happy to answer question(s) you might have about any Radical Bowling Technologies bowling ball. Shoot me an email, chrisheringer@gmail.com