View Full Version : Radical Sizzle - burn the pins on league night!

Maine Man
11-12-2018, 11:12 AM
I drilled the Radical Sizzle to be the ball that will destroy pins on any given league night, and wow, does it perform! I drilled mine 60 x 4 7/8Ē x 20. This ball is an absolute house shot killer, it clears the front part of the lane and explodes on the back, continuing through the pins with great hitting power. When other symmetric core balls lose their look and start leaving corner pins, the Sizzle keeps carrying and allows you to use it in your favorite part of the lane longer. I shot 760 and 744 my first two league sets with it, and already canít wait for league this Thursday to use it again! This ball also takes to cover changes well, as I sanded mine with a 3000 pad and it allowed the ball to pick up a little quicker and smoother, which is what I like for tournament play. This is yet another winner from Radical! Order yours from your local pro shop or online retailer today!

- James Goulding, Radical Regional Staff