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06-11-2019, 07:49 PM
Ball Specs:
Motiv Covert Tank
Frixion Microcell Polymer
2000 Grit LSS
Symmetrical Torx Core
Layout 70 x 3-5/8 x 30

Bowler Specs:
Right Hand. PAP 5 Over 3/4 up
Rev Rate 275. Tilt 20. Rotation 50.
Speed off hand 18

Motiv has created a new cover stock that fits between Traditional Urethane and Reactive Urethane. The cover is called Frixion Microcell Polymer. The intent was to create a ball that had the control characteristics of Urethane but enhanced performance to give it ability to be used by a greater range of bowlers. The Covert Tank flares more, and hits harder than Traditional Urethane. Normally when I use my Burgundy Tank I feel I don’t have much room for error. The Covert Tank allows miss area to the right with recovery and carries extremely well. I have used the Covert Tank on a good variety of patterns and the ball motion is very nice. When I use traditional Urethane I feel I need to move right as oil carries down. With the Covert Tank I can move left and create more area, this is most likely due to how the Covert Tank absorbs oil slow enough to maintain a better lane pattern. The Covert Tank is stronger than my Thrill but is weaker than my Venom Shock. To me it rolls closer to Reactive than true Urethane. The Covert Tank reads the front part of the lane but still has a nice controlled move off the dry. I have let my high rev and no thumb bowlers test the Covert Tank out and think it will be a great addition to their arsenal. The ball is very predictable and there is no over / under reaction. The Covert Tank goes through the pins with a strong continuous motion. For someone like me who has limited use for the traditional Urethanes I can see myself using this ball a lot, especially on house conditions. This ball should allow you to stay in the pocket as the lanes transition with very little adjustment.

The Covert Tank has a Predictable and forgiving motion.
The hit and carry was better than expected.
This is a “Urethane” ball for those who struggle with Urethane.
I fell this new cover technology has great potential.
The Covert Tank should be a great addition to a tournament arsenal.

Glenn Wendel
PBA Member
Motiv Staff
Turbo Staff