View Full Version : Hot Glove Rosin Bag Review

J Daisy
07-24-2019, 06:12 PM
I've tried several different kinds of rosin bags, and this one is certainly the loosest of all I have tried. The bag itself is literally caked with rosin, and must be stored in a seperate plastic bag so as to not make a mess. It does work well, I will give it that, especially for bowlers whose palms sweat more than a normal amount. However, it makes such a mess that I find it more conveinent to use other brands, such as Storm. On a one to five scale, I would give it a three.

Note: Hot Glove rosin is advertised as being for a multitude of different sports, not only bowling, and perhaps people in those other sports would view the product differently.

07-24-2019, 07:59 PM
Just a FYI for everyone:

There are two different basic type of what people/companies call "Rosin Bags" and they are for two different things.
(Not having used Hot Glove I don't know which type it is, it looks like a dry type from the info about it.)

The first Is the Dry/puffball Type bag, those are the ones you see bowler's using most of the time to dry a sweaty hand or patting on the finger holes. These are a cloth bag and mostly contain a clay like ADsorbent silica material (like cat litter) that makes a fine dust that drys your hand out.

The 2nd-Is the Grip type which is more of a true "rosin bag", they are meant to give you more grip. They have a white sticky powder substance in them ( I believe its a plant extract or similar type material) that gives you a surer grip on the ball.

Warning these two bags are not interchangeable! Over use the grip type and you can hang up in a ball, also the sticky white powder can build up in the holes and cause you to stick.

J Daisy
07-24-2019, 10:54 PM
The Hot Glove rosin bags are loose-weave cloth bags filled with and caked with a chalky, non-sticky (unless your hands are already sticky with sweat) white powder. So long as it isn't overused, it works well enough. Like I said, I like other kinds better myself, but to each their own.