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02-23-2009, 03:56 PM
A Suggested Ball Review Template

In order to help people as much as we can, and with the help of site member, Bowl1820, a template has been announced to help reviews a bit better.

This is a great tool, and even if you do not know much about the ball you are talking about, please check out the ball specs at the respective manufacturers bowling ball homepage for any help you may need.

If you need any help, let someone like a mod or admin know. They are glad to help!

If you are doing a new Ball Review, please add a picture.

This is a suggested template for doing Official Bowling Ball Reviews.

This is to give more useful information than just "IT HITS LIKE A TRUCK!!!! SWEET, JUNK or whatever other slang terms for a ball.

By leaving a review you must think about the readers. You are letting others know how well your ball has done or has not done for you. Place yourself in the readers shoes and write as if you were looking to buy a ball and wanted to know info from real users.


Official Ball Review Template

1) Company and Ball Name

2) Ball Specifications
a) Gross Weight
b) Top Weight
c) Pin Placement
d) Coverstock Type
i) Particle,Reactive,Urethane,Polyester, Solid or Pearl.3) Drill Layout/Pattern
a) Pin to PAP distance
b) CG to PAP distance
c) Extra Hole Placement (if used)
d) Mass Bias Placement
e) Layout system Used (Degree, Dual Angle, etc.)
f) Company Drill Sheet Layout Number (if used)
g) Ball Photo and/or Video link (if available)
This really helps if layout information is not known.4) Surface Preparation
a) Surface Type: Sanded, Matte, Polished
b) Grit and/or Polishes used5) Bowler Specifications
a) Right or Left handed
b) Cranker, Stroker, Tweener
c) Ball Speed (estimated)
d) Rev rate (estimated)
e) Positive Axis Point (PAP)
i) If not known use high track, low track, full roller, 3/4 roller or spinner.6) Lanes
a) Type of lanes (synthetic, wooden, guardian surface etc.)
b) Oil pattern Length
c) Oil pattern Information (Typical House Shot “THS”, Sport, PBA etc.)7) Ball Reaction Characteristics
a) Length
b) Mid-lane read
c) Break point
d) Backend (arcing, angular, controlled)8) Miscellaneous Information
a) League type or open play, Lane play used, comparison to other balls used etc.9) Summary
a) Your comments, likes, dislikes etc.

The KingPin
03-30-2009, 12:05 PM
Thank you Bowl1820 for your loyalty and great suggestion of this tool.

04-01-2009, 09:36 PM