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  1. Getting Back to Normal

    It's been a long time since I've last thrown a ball in Fall/Winter League. March 11, 2020 to be exact. Right before everything got shut down by Covid. I didn't bowl the 2020-2021 season due to Covid. I started up again in May 2021 for Summer League and things didn't go quite as planned.

    First off, there was a lot of change involved from when I last bowled to when I started up again 14 months later. I used to use the Storm Gadget wrist device. In October/November 2019, I had my span ...

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  2. Online Bowling Notes #03

    "PUSH" is a reference to the average skid length of a ball past the end of the oil pattern to the breakpoint. Push is basically contingent
    on a bowlers speed and rev rate, With Rev Rate appearing to be the dominate factor.

    Another potential discovery is that a ball thrown with 350 rpm at about 18 miles per hour appears to be the optimum rev rate. Why? This preliminary research shows that at this rate a bowling ball seems to skid the proper amount to achieve optimum ...

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  3. Resurfacing Retro Balls

    A while back I bought a couple bowling balls with bags at good will for $1 each. I wanted the bags, I mean check out this sweet retro bag!

    So I had a couple pretty beat up bowling balls that I didn't know what to do with. I looking into having them resurfaced and re-drilled but the price was too high for balls of such age. Going by serial numbers I determined that the dark red Columbia 300 White Dot is from '85 and the Brunswick ...
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  4. Bowling with Injuries

    Hello everyone, this is my first blog post here. I do not know if there will be more.

    I am a left-handed, straight-throwing bowler. I used to bowl infrequently, maybe every other month, and did decently. A little over three years ago I injured my left shoulder playing sand volleyball (turned out there was a concrete pad under about 3-4 inches of sand OUCH!) and didn't touch a bowling ball for over two years.

    I recently got back into the sport and am now bowling 3-4 ...
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  5. Comparisons of Methods of Calculating Rev Rate

    After trying the different methods of calculating the rpm's.

    Using a test video.

    I've tried counting the rotations as the ball goes down the lane. (gave a result that was 450 rpm.)

    Example (this is a new video from Storm to use with their new Matchmaker app page.)

    I then tried the USBC method that uses counting 10 frames & how many hours the ball turns (1 rotation = 12 hours). (This ...
  6. Men's League (Week of 10 Dec 2017)

    Had a pretty good night on my Men's league this week. Rolled a 215, 245, 171 for a 631 series on a 191 average. A 631 series isn't out of this world, but it felt good. I didn't miss the pocket until the 8th frame of the 2nd game. (I knew my ball wasn't going to make it back up to the head pin as soon as I let it go.) My spare shooting was also pretty good last night. I missed one makeable spare (ten pin in the 7th frame of the 3rd game).

    I started out on board 35 targeting 15 ...
  7. Pindowner League (spare shooting killed me this week)

    Spare shooting killed me on my mixed league earlier this week. Rolled a 149, 196, 150 for a 495 series (171 average).

    1st game (149) - I lost my line in the 3rd frame. I stayed with my high rev release and tried to adjust my line to no avail. I didn't change to a down and in shot until the 9th frame.

    2nd game (196) - Decent game. Was 6 out of 7 on spare conversions. Was using my spare release and just going straight up the 1st arrow with my Blue Hammer.
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  8. Art's Scores (Men's League)

    Definitely not the picture of consistency on my men's league this week. Rolled a 224, 137, 220 for a 581 series (190 league average). As I stated in an earlier post, my knees are doing better, so I started out rolling my high rev release.

    At the end of the 1st game, I was starting to struggle to keep my ball on the right side of the head pin, and I definitely tried to stay with that shot too long (resulting in a 137 for the 2nd game).

    in the 3rd game I used my ...
  9. Art's Scores (Pindowner League)

    188, 215, 143 = 546 (170 Average)

    1st game - Missed two 10 pins in the channel, moved 2 boards right on the approach and was 5 out of 6 the rest of the night on 10 pins.
    2nd game - Clean game. Didn't connect any strikes until the 9th and 10th frame (finished with a 4 bagger).
    3rd game - Four splits and one missed 10 pin spare doesn't add up to a good score.

    Overall, it was a good night (even with that last game).
  10. Back to Bowling Boards

    Haven't posted here in quite a while. The arthritis in my knees have continued to slow me down over the last couple of years, and my average has dropped down to the 180's (30 pin drop in the last several years). After my last doctor appointment, my doctor have me a prescription inflammatory, and my knees are feeling a lot better. Had a good practice session today, and was able to use my higher rev release. It felt pretty good and my knees weren't aching at the end. Hoping I can get my game ...
  11. Am I meant to be a pro bowler?

    I should start by saying I absolutely don't want too. I feel like I could take bowling back into the mainstream but taken seriously. I'm only 20 but life seems to offer me nothing friendly hints that professional bowling is what i'm meant to do. I'm only 20 and bowl three nights a week with my father. Thursday nights I average a 236. Friday nights I average a 232, and on Saturdays I average a 242. I have won tournaments and have done really well even coming in first more then I have lost. I'm the ...
  12. 2016-2017 season blog

    it's going to be my third year back bowling from my 13 year hiatus. I am ready to make the next step from last year. I went through all kinds of problems in my form and started out at a 135 average.I reset my whole approach last year and ended with a 175 average. We ended up in 2nd Place with a few bonus checks. I really took last year to relearn the game of bowling and now I am beginning to see the benefits. The USBC academy videos and the resources on this site has helped tremendously. I ...

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  13. UBA 4th of July Firecracker Tournament

    This weekend is the UBA $7,000/$1,500 4th of July tournament. I will be leaving tomorrow morning to head down for the weekend and plan on doing a new blog entry for each day bowled with updated scores and some insight into what I saw on the lanes. This tournament uses a modified PBA Chameleon pattern which measures 43 feet in length. It uses a side to side ratio of 1.96:1. The "modified" part to this pattern is increased volume. Previously when I bowled this pattern over Memorial weekend ...
  14. Is this a realistic possibility?

    I'm not currently in college but I have a plan I want to check on. I want focus on this only one section because I know everything else about schooling. Is it possible for me at 20 to achieve an athletic scholarship for bowling? I checked on every school that offers bowling and I outperform every one of there students. Can I call them and ask for them to check me out? I looked around online and I found some sources that say it's possible but a stretch. If I can get a decent enough scholarship I ...
  15. Bowling is bowling.

    I'm not sure how to change my username can someone help with that? So i'm just writing this blog entry in order to blow off some steam. I create a general dislike towards myself because of my failures in bowling. Last night I had a shot at a 300 and an 800 in the same set again. I say again because I have done it before. Problem was that this time I was nervous for no real reason. I bowl in a house where it takes a damn miracle for anyone to get 11 in a row. It's very easy to throw pocket 7-10s, ...

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    Heres two old posts that might help

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    Here's another tip that may help you:

    By Bryan O’Keefe

    Bowling is about the ability to repeat shots and the readi- ness to adjust to changing conditions.
    Today, we have bowling balls that absorb oil and we compete on an invisible playing field that changes with virtually every shot that goes down the lane. Bowlers need to con- stantly adjust to those
  17. Ball Cleaner Showdowns / writen Reviews

    Ball Cleaner Showdown #1

    Ebonite Powerhouse-Energizer Cleaner
    Track Clean'N Dull

    Balls used in test-
    Ball#1-A Track EMB with the coverstock freshly dulled with a green Scotchbrite.
    Ball#2-A Ebonite NitroR2 Classic with the coverstock freshly Dulled to 600grit.

    Ball condition at time of test-
    Ball#1 was used for 3 games in a night Mixed league. After the league the ball was shiny with oil and a normal amount of grime ...

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  18. Online Bowling Notes #02

    Shoe Sole and Heel information

    Old Dexter Sole Set:

    S-2 Brown Leather - Less Slide
    Use this sole when bowling on slippery approach conditions, such as synthetic lanes.

    S-4 Red Leather - Short Slide
    Use this s4 sole when bowling on moderately slippery approach conditions.

    S-6 White Microfiber - Long Slide
    Use this s6 sole for normal to slippery approach conditions.

    S-7 Perforated Yellow Leather (Buckskin) ...
  19. Pinsetter Theory of Operation and Malfunctions

    Pinsetter Theory of Operation and Malfunctions

    The purpose of this page is to give a bowler a bit more information on what causes a pinsetter stop or malfunction. The
    machines are designed ideally to run, X number of cycles, malfunction free. As we all know, and probably seen that is not always
    the case. Pinsetters are much like kids, some days they behave and other days you just want to beat their butts. Yes the
    machine are old, but the machine are by no means ...
  20. Are you Drilling for your Customer Style?

    Are you Drilling for your Customer Style?
    by Louis Marquez, IBPSIA President

    So you know the drill, your customer asks for the strongest drilling angle, you max it out with a leveraged pin angle and some drilling angle degree this by that. Does it work in the bowler’s best interest based off of their PAP distance? Are you combining the fact that the bowler may be of a specific style of player, you should?

    Here are some things to consider, first ...

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  21. Crux Review

    This ball is probably the strongest ball i ever thrown from storm.I have to say that storm is right this ball will hook in anything and everything.I drilled mine 55x4x35.Ball gives me good length doesnt roll to early for me but has amazing backend on those long patterns that im looking for,plus this ball has crazy carry threw the pins like there is no other.
  22. The Power / Control Spectrum

    This was a interesting post by John Jameson, of Innovative Bowling (aka ballspinner)

    Always remember the power/control spectrum. The ideal situation, that creates the highest scores, is to use as much power as you can effectively control.

    More surface = more control

    If the lane gives you the control use all the power you can get your hands on that still allows you to hit the pocket consistently.

    If the lanes are tough then using ...

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  23. Online Bowling Notes #01

    RG: Radius Of Gyration.
    The RG of a bowling ball tells you how soon the core is designed to roll.
    A Low RG ball (aka: a Center Heavy ball) is easier to "rev up", rolls earlier and tends to mean earlier hook, more midlane reaction,a more evenly arcing ball used on wetter conditions.

    A High RG ball (aka: a Cover Heavy ball) is harder to "rev up", rolls later and tends to mean later hook, more backend reaction, tends to be more angular.


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  24. Lane Side Reviews at

    Many of you really enjoy the ball reviews from Lane Side Reviews. Here is a link to all of their reviews.

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  25. The "Bear" Necessities - First Time on PBA Bear

    Last night I had my first exposure to the PBA Bear pattern in the pattern league I am bowling in this summer. Let's start by thanking the powers that be for making this the first pattern of the that reduced the 220-230 house bowler to shooting under 600 in a four game set, and to what I could only imagine as Aslan's delight, the two handed bowlers missing the head pin in all ways imaginable.

    First I will discuss my initial game plan for this pattern. The pattern itself ...
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