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  1. My review on Welcome 2 Bowling Clinic at ITRC,Arlington,Tx. by: JUDY CLEMONS

    Welcome 2 Bowling Clinic time was 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
    Saturday April 13, 2013 at the International Training and Research
    Center, Arlington, Texas.
    I arrived at approximately 12:45 p.m. when my husband dropped
    me off. I wandered into the front door of the facility pulling my 2
    ball duffle roller bag with me. Just inside a short distance were 2
    smiling ladies waiting to greet new arrivals they found my name on
    their list and I was assigned to bowling ...
  2. To Spare Ball or Not To Spare Ball, That is The Question.

    On bowlingboards there is a message thread that talks about the use of spare balls. I was part of the discussion there on using spare balls or not. I was taught at a young age not to try so much for a strike but to focus on picking up the spare. this meant changing my start position to allow my ball to curve back to pick up the spare or hit the pins just so to pick up the spare. With thinking about this topic, I decided to take my Brunswick Ambush(12lb) ball with me to my latest practice session. ...
  3. Help with my release

    I started back bowling about year and half ago. I am struggling with my release because my wrist keeps popping before the release of ball. I wear a wrist support but doesn't stop the popping. Am I doing something wrong during my release?
  4. Lane conditions what's your opinion?

    I have been bowling on a league for about seven years now . In every house I have been in they have cleaned and oiled the lanes and finished 20min. before practice. Now with that said the hose Iím bowling in now oils and clean lanes at 9 or 11 am we start practice at 6:45 pm and I live in Phoenix , Az. HOT in the summer. Now the House says that is normal and there is nothing wrong with the lanes. Iím not a an expert but when oil sets it will gather to low spots on a surface. No matter how thick ...