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  1. Tournament 7/24

    So tonight was the weekly trny that I bowl.. They use a different sport condition each week.. Tonight was some crazy overseas 34ft kegel pattern... It played weird to say the least... At times it played like a reverse block and others nothing like that.. I think there was 2 200+ games in all 3 games from everyone.. It was UGLY! I shot horrible in the 1st game and then came back in the second and could spare the 10th for a 183.. 1st ball i leave a 10 pin.. I couldnt carry a 10 to save my life tonight.. ...

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  2. league 2/22

    so i went to league last night bringing a 208 average with me. ooh did that drop.. the center decided to change the shot again for the 3rd time in 3 weeks.. they are trying to find a good shot for the upcoming season... but anywho during practice i couldnt miss.. strike after strike.. but once the 1st game started the shot that i had been playing all of a sudden just wasnt there... left 3 splits and just couldnt carry single pins.. ened with a 157..ouch... then come back the 2nd game needing to ...

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  5. Florida Classic 7/18

    So I came down to AMF Longwood today to shoot the Fl classic tournament. I was told once i got here that it was a 35ft shot.. oh were they wrong.. 1st ball with my virtual energy drilled 4x4 didnt even think about moving.. the shot that is supposedly a 35 ft modified PBA TOC pattern is playing like a 50ft shot.. It took almost 3 full games to get a 5 board hook.. Then the shot started to break down and it wasnt too bad.. with handicap i made the cut in singles with a 717.. When i left i was also ...

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  6. Equipment

    Virtual Energy
    Virtual Gravity
    Gravity Shift
    Attitude Shift
    2nd Dimension
    T-Road Pearl
    Street Rod Pearl
    Street Rod Solid
    Paradigm Domination
    Pyro (x2)
    X-Factor Ace
    X-Factor Fear Factor
    X-Factor Re-Loaded
    Storm Viz-a-ball ...

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