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  1. Am I meant to be a pro bowler?

    I should start by saying I absolutely don't want too. I feel like I could take bowling back into the mainstream but taken seriously. I'm only 20 but life seems to offer me nothing friendly hints that professional bowling is what i'm meant to do. I'm only 20 and bowl three nights a week with my father. Thursday nights I average a 236. Friday nights I average a 232, and on Saturdays I average a 242. I have won tournaments and have done really well even coming in first more then I have lost. I'm the ...
  2. You have to give it up to Walter...

    As a tour rookie back in 1983, Walter has seemed to be unstoppable out on tour. Like him or not, he's definitely proven that he's here to stay.

    26 years and 46 professional titles later, Walter continues to prove why he should be considered the greatest bowler ever. Turning 50 in October didn't seem to phase him as he won his record breaking 46th PBA title on Nov 1 over PBA veteran Chris Barnes.

    When will Walter throw in the towel and let some of the other bowlers ...
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