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  1. Bowling with Injuries

    Hello everyone, this is my first blog post here. I do not know if there will be more.

    I am a left-handed, straight-throwing bowler. I used to bowl infrequently, maybe every other month, and did decently. A little over three years ago I injured my left shoulder playing sand volleyball (turned out there was a concrete pad under about 3-4 inches of sand OUCH!) and didn't touch a bowling ball for over two years.

    I recently got back into the sport and am now bowling 3-4 ...
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  2. Bowling is bowling.

    I'm not sure how to change my username can someone help with that? So i'm just writing this blog entry in order to blow off some steam. I create a general dislike towards myself because of my failures in bowling. Last night I had a shot at a 300 and an 800 in the same set again. I say again because I have done it before. Problem was that this time I was nervous for no real reason. I bowl in a house where it takes a damn miracle for anyone to get 11 in a row. It's very easy to throw pocket 7-10s, ...
  3. Are you Drilling for your Customer Style?

    Are you Drilling for your Customer Style?
    by Louis Marquez, IBPSIA President

    So you know the drill, your customer asks for the strongest drilling angle, you max it out with a leveraged pin angle and some drilling angle degree this by that. Does it work in the bowlerís best interest based off of their PAP distance? Are you combining the fact that the bowler may be of a specific style of player, you should?

    Here are some things to consider, first ...

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  4. The Power / Control Spectrum

    This was a interesting post by John Jameson, of Innovative Bowling (aka ballspinner)

    Always remember the power/control spectrum. The ideal situation, that creates the highest scores, is to use as much power as you can effectively control.

    More surface = more control

    If the lane gives you the control use all the power you can get your hands on that still allows you to hit the pocket consistently.

    If the lanes are tough then using ...

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  5. Online Bowling Notes #01

    RG: Radius Of Gyration.
    The RG of a bowling ball tells you how soon the core is designed to roll.
    A Low RG ball (aka: a Center Heavy ball) is easier to "rev up", rolls earlier and tends to mean earlier hook, more midlane reaction,a more evenly arcing ball used on wetter conditions.

    A High RG ball (aka: a Cover Heavy ball) is harder to "rev up", rolls later and tends to mean later hook, more backend reaction, tends to be more angular.


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  6. Lane Side Reviews at

    Many of you really enjoy the ball reviews from Lane Side Reviews. Here is a link to all of their reviews.

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  7. The "Bear" Necessities - First Time on PBA Bear

    Last night I had my first exposure to the PBA Bear pattern in the pattern league I am bowling in this summer. Let's start by thanking the powers that be for making this the first pattern of the that reduced the 220-230 house bowler to shooting under 600 in a four game set, and to what I could only imagine as Aslan's delight, the two handed bowlers missing the head pin in all ways imaginable.

    First I will discuss my initial game plan for this pattern. The pattern itself ...
  8. The first step to fixing your timing is knowing what it is...

    I decided to start this blog for a few varying reasons, some that are solely for personal benefit and some that may in some way assist the random person who stumbles upon this blog. As a personal gain this can be used as a tool to track my changes, thoughts on challenging patterns, and as an easy way to share thoughts with bowling acquaintances. For others this can be used as a tool to think about something in a different way, a reminder of a key fundamental that has been ignored or forgotten, ...
  9. Thunderstorms


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  10. Do you know a first-year league bowler?

    Quote Originally Posted by Judy clemons View Post
    With summer leagues approaching, first-year USBC members can improve their game with a FREE LESSON from a USBC-certified coach. Spread the word!
  11. My review on Welcome 2 Bowling Clinic at ITRC,Arlington,Tx. by: JUDY CLEMONS

    Welcome 2 Bowling Clinic time was 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
    Saturday April 13, 2013 at the International Training and Research
    Center, Arlington, Texas.
    I arrived at approximately 12:45 p.m. when my husband dropped
    me off. I wandered into the front door of the facility pulling my 2
    ball duffle roller bag with me. Just inside a short distance were 2
    smiling ladies waiting to greet new arrivals they found my name on
    their list and I was assigned to bowling ...
  12. Getting over my target...

    Quote Originally Posted by Judy clemons View Post
    I just spent the first game of my league missing my target for 7 out of 10 frames last night my self and as i sat there and pondered I told myself
    I was stressed and pressured and still I got no-where... so I started rehashing...
    I know how to bowl > I know where to stand on the approach > I know where my mark is > I know how to hold my ball > I know how to read the lanes >
    I know how to make my moves, so WHAT is the issue? It"s me!!!! I have
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  13. To Spare Ball or Not To Spare Ball, That is The Question.

    On bowlingboards there is a message thread that talks about the use of spare balls. I was part of the discussion there on using spare balls or not. I was taught at a young age not to try so much for a strike but to focus on picking up the spare. this meant changing my start position to allow my ball to curve back to pick up the spare or hit the pins just so to pick up the spare. With thinking about this topic, I decided to take my Brunswick Ambush(12lb) ball with me to my latest practice session. ...
  14. Future Topics and Lane Lovers Jubilee update

    Some of you are viewing this through my main blog here on wordpress and some of you are viewing it through No matter how you view this, thank you. If your on you know that there are a number of topics that are being descussed on there. I have participated in some of the discussions and also have ended up looking further into those topics that are discussed. The next few posts are going to be a combination of one of ...
  15. Back to Bowling

    My name is Jeff and bowling is my game. I have decided to start this blog for several reasons. The first is that I have been bowling ever since I was very young. My dad taught not only me, and my sister, but even got my grandfather into bowling back when he use to work part time at the local bowling alley. I took a 10 and a half year break due to serving in the US Coast Guard. Since getting out, I found that I have more free time than before. So I decided to get back into bowling. I joined ...
  16. Spare Shooting Woes

    After switching to #bowling left handed a year ago, I am still struggling with my spare shooting. In an effort to improve my accuracy, I tried keeping hand behind the ball, but I was not able to hit my mark consistently. One week, my spare shooting would be decent, and the next week it would be non-existent. I got a new plastic ball and had it drilled conventional for my spares. I worked on my spares using a suit case delivery this week, and I felt like I made a little progress. I have 3 more ...
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  17. ball layout

    what is a good layout for a tweener? i recently bought a virtual gravity nano. the pro shop put my pin on top of my fingers in the middle. wanted to know what are the two strongest layout for a tweener using a nano?
  18. Help with my release

    I started back bowling about year and half ago. I am struggling with my release because my wrist keeps popping before the release of ball. I wear a wrist support but doesn't stop the popping. Am I doing something wrong during my release?
  19. Second league since high school starts in one week...

    So my second league since high school (2003) starts in 1 week. We recently finished my first league since then which was a 9pin no-tap. Did that for fun and practice. I wound up making a lot of changes between that league and now. Here's everything:

    High school I used an Ebonite Predator. Not much hook, and I don't throw many revs. Before the no-tap league started I upgraded to a Mutant Cell. I still don't have a ton of revs but the ball is able to deliver more at the pocket than ...
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  20. You have to give it up to Walter...

    As a tour rookie back in 1983, Walter has seemed to be unstoppable out on tour. Like him or not, he's definitely proven that he's here to stay.

    26 years and 46 professional titles later, Walter continues to prove why he should be considered the greatest bowler ever. Turning 50 in October didn't seem to phase him as he won his record breaking 46th PBA title on Nov 1 over PBA veteran Chris Barnes.

    When will Walter throw in the towel and let some of the other bowlers ...
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  21. bowling scores

    :cool:[QUOTE=bowlingjunkie24;15185]We started a league last week, but I had to work when the league started. I bowled Friday Night, my scores where 268+212+181. That ended me with a series of 661, as a starting average of 220 for the league.[/QUOTE]
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  22. Lane conditions what's your opinion?

    I have been bowling on a league for about seven years now . In every house I have been in they have cleaned and oiled the lanes and finished 20min. before practice. Now with that said the hose Iím bowling in now oils and clean lanes at 9 or 11 am we start practice at 6:45 pm and I live in Phoenix , Az. HOT in the summer. Now the House says that is normal and there is nothing wrong with the lanes. Iím not a an expert but when oil sets it will gather to low spots on a surface. No matter how thick ...
  23. Saturday night 9 pin no tap

    Tonight is my weekly 9 pin no tap "trny". Its more of a bowling for bux, which is actaully the name. There are different color pins and are worth different amounts. Splits are your big $$. If you add a color pin into it then double it, 2 pins, triple.. Tonight I shot well. Came out the gate strong with a 268. The shot was alot better than it usually is and was really able to find a line quick. Going into the 2nd game I did notice my ball was wanting to try to hook a little early so I ...
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  24. League 2/28 (meeting and 1st night)

    Last night was the meeting and 1st night of bowling for my 4 person mixed scratch league. Well the meeting seemed like it took forever with a rules change or alter on almost every one. we are running a 23 point system. 3 points per team game win, 2 points for team total, andd 1 point per game per singles win (you bowl the person accross you). The higher team in the standings will set their line up 1st and then the opposing team with set who they want to match up.This is a 9pm league so we will be ...
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  25. League 8/26 (Last Night)

    Tonight was our last night of league and we came into tonight in 4th place. We couldnt catch the 3rd place team, but could fall as far as 9th if we didnt hold our own. We came out of the gate losing by 20 pins . I shot a 201 during this game. The 2nd game we come back to win by 22 pins. I didnt do much help this game posting a 174. Now we are 2 pins apart with the advantage to us. The 3rd game was all ours. We ran away with it and won by almost 100 pins. I added a 190 to the team this game. We finished ...
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