1. Boy, I do practice well...

    It gets frustrating sometimes. Well, honestly, it gets frustrating a LOT.

    We practice Wednesdays, Peej and I. It's Dollar Night, the only time we can really afford to go roll a lot. At a buck a game we can get 5-7 games apiece in, about as much as either of us can stand at one go. The spirit is willing, and all. Usually we end up doing pretty well and I'll get a 200 or two in, pretty good for me.

    Then, come league day, I'm back in the 150s again!

    Mind ...
  2. Confessions of a BABe

    Hi everybody. My name is Jim, call me Jamski, and I'm a BABe.

    I suppose I should explain that. My other big passion--and I have had a lot of them--is Model Rocketry. In rocketry, if you've been out of it for a while, say, since you were a kid, and you come back to it, you're a BAR: a born-again Rocketeer. So it only stands to reason that if you do much the same in bowling, why, you're a BAB. Or a BABe, if you want it to sound funkier, and of course I do.

    So. I got back ...