Bowlings Future

When is the industry in particular going to realise that the youth is the future. Jr programs are put on the backshelf in the southeast. I coached Regular Jrs and Jr gold. Trying to get the house to schedule tournaments was a real pain. Birthday parties were more important. I like to see families have fun at the local center. I know the centers need the revenue. But, how many of you started as Jr bowlers. I worked to get High School and Middle School programs started and it was so frustrating. Not even at the club level could I and others get cooperation. Thats a shame. Not everyone can play football and basketball. The main thing seems to be budgets. Sometimes it is prejudice against the image of bowlers. You know the one I am talking about. Beer gut,swearing,cigar smoking ,idiots. We have to clean it the image. Hopefully,one day,things will get back to when we had two shifts of Jrs on saturday.

  1. For the ones we love.

    I took care of my mother for 10 years. A victim of an insidious disease called Alzheimers. A vibrant and hard working women. To slowly see her deteriorate almost killed me. If you are a caretaker of someone for any reason. Take good care of yourself. I am paying the price for all those years. Please believe when I say I do not regret doing it. I just wish that I had been smarter about it. Contact local groups for care suggestions and strategies to help you make it through the day. My mother passed ...