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  1. UBA 4th of July Firecracker Tournament

    This weekend is the UBA $7,000/$1,500 4th of July tournament. I will be leaving tomorrow morning to head down for the weekend and plan on doing a new blog entry for each day bowled with updated scores and some insight into what I saw on the lanes. This tournament uses a modified PBA Chameleon pattern which measures 43 feet in length. It uses a side to side ratio of 1.96:1. The "modified" part to this pattern is increased volume. Previously when I bowled this pattern over Memorial weekend ...
  2. PBA League Final Rolloffs 8/24

    Last night was the final nightof my summer PBA league. I went into the roll off seeded 18th of 44. we do ours bracket style when highest seed bowls lowest with top 10 getting a 1st rd bye.. I as paired against the 33rd place guy that was carrying a 163 average to my 183 for the season. The shot was the PBA US Open. This is a 40ft flat pattern gutter to gutter. I will start by saying it played nothing like it should. people were already swinging the ball in the 1st game. hmmmm... well the guy i bowled ...
  3. Florida Bowlers Classic Part 2 (1st day)

    After getting down here to orlando to the trny i learned that the shot was only a 36ft pattern. It was bone dry on the inside and a little more oil on the outside but still not much.. the fact that they would put out a shot that dry knowing that there would be 6 squads was kind of crazy. My 1st squad i bowled with mrbill on my set. I bowled HORRIBLE!!!! I wont mention the scores (yes that bad) but it was ugly. I cam back in the 2nd squad and re-entered singles and also bowled doubles with my usual ...
  4. Florida Bowlers Classic

    well today is the day to start this months Florida Bowlers Classic tournament. I will be making to trip from jacksonville to orlando once again. I am not looking forward to this center as it was very difficult for me to make the cut last time we bowled here. but hey more difficult things make you better.. its around 8:45 and i left my house about 15 min ago. the gps says 145 miles to go. if all goes right me and mrbill will be bowling on the same set 1st squad.. ill keep posted... gotta get back ...
  5. League 8/19 (PreBowl)

    We pre bowled tonight for the league tomorrow night. We have a team meeting at another center for a league starting the following week, so we couldnt make it to league tomorrow night. They put the new house shot out that will be ran full time this next season. I really like this patter. My 1st game was a 252. Front 4 , big open in the 5th frame with a 5 then 4 count for a 9.. Then struck until the 2nd shot in the 10th. The 2nd game the lanes started to dry up towards the middle of the game. i switched ...
  6. PBA League 8/17

    Pattern: USBC Masters
    Entering Average: 183

    Tonight was our last night to move up the ranks before the roll offs next week. I started the night in 14th or 44. Not too bad. I entered the 1st game feeling good and shot a 174. I was not too worried because there were 3 easy opens. Came out the next game with a good like and shot 187 with 3 opens again. I couldnt convert a 10 pin until the 3rd game. Now in the 3rd game it just all went down him. Shot a 145..wohoo.. I had like 4 ...
  7. PBA League 8/10

    Pattern: Viper
    Entering Average- 181

    Game 1- 212

    I started the 1st game of the night throwing my Storm Furious. I was laying the ball down around 20 and playin around 10 or just outside. This line worked very well for the 1st game. I had a couple stupid opens here and there but still managed a good game of 212. Won 2/4 points

    Game 2- 191

    Oh wow, this game was UGLY!!!! I had 3/4 opens in to start the game and really didnt get much ...
  8. League 8/5

    League tonight was by far my worst night of the summer season. I came in tonight with a 205 average but that was soon to fall. Our team was in 4th place 1 point out of 3rd and 7 out of 1st. We use the 7 point system, so that woouldnt be too hard to make up with 3 weeks left after tonight.. Well we ended up losing all 3 games.. My games were as follow..

    We had to make up ALOT of handicap tonight as well. We had 95 pins to their 315. We were down 220 pins before we threw the 1st ball.. ...
  9. PBA League 8/3

    Pattern: Shark

    Game 1- 212:

    I started the night with a 212. I threw my Virtual Gavity with a 4x4 layout. The ball was recently heat cleaned so was like a fresh ball. I started with a taking speed off and keeping my revs up. I was shooting around 15.5 to about 10.5. This line was hitting very well. I ended with a clean game. Took 3/4 points

    Game 2- 188:

    When I started the 2nd game i was playing a close line to was i had the prior game. It ...
  10. Equipment

    Virtual Energy
    Virtual Gravity
    Gravity Shift
    Attitude Shift
    2nd Dimension
    T-Road Pearl
    Street Rod Pearl
    Street Rod Solid
    Paradigm Domination
    Pyro (x2)
    X-Factor Ace
    X-Factor Fear Factor
    X-Factor Re-Loaded
    Storm Viz-a-ball ...

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