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I am a retired Marine living in the St Louis area. I carried a 200+ average with my right hand and have 4 sanctioned 300 games (1 on the Viper pattern). I switched to bowling left handed in January 2011. My goal for this season is to have a 180+ average in both leagues by the end of the season. Please feel free to leave me any suggestions or comments.

  1. Men's League (Week of 10 Dec 2017)

    Had a pretty good night on my Men's league this week. Rolled a 215, 245, 171 for a 631 series on a 191 average. A 631 series isn't out of this world, but it felt good. I didn't miss the pocket until the 8th frame of the 2nd game. (I knew my ball wasn't going to make it back up to the head pin as soon as I let it go.) My spare shooting was also pretty good last night. I missed one makeable spare (ten pin in the 7th frame of the 3rd game).

    I started out on board 35 targeting 15 ...
  2. Pindowner League (spare shooting killed me this week)

    Spare shooting killed me on my mixed league earlier this week. Rolled a 149, 196, 150 for a 495 series (171 average).

    1st game (149) - I lost my line in the 3rd frame. I stayed with my high rev release and tried to adjust my line to no avail. I didn't change to a down and in shot until the 9th frame.

    2nd game (196) - Decent game. Was 6 out of 7 on spare conversions. Was using my spare release and just going straight up the 1st arrow with my Blue Hammer.
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  3. Art's Scores (Men's League)

    Definitely not the picture of consistency on my men's league this week. Rolled a 224, 137, 220 for a 581 series (190 league average). As I stated in an earlier post, my knees are doing better, so I started out rolling my high rev release.

    At the end of the 1st game, I was starting to struggle to keep my ball on the right side of the head pin, and I definitely tried to stay with that shot too long (resulting in a 137 for the 2nd game).

    in the 3rd game I used my ...
  4. Art's Scores (Pindowner League)

    188, 215, 143 = 546 (170 Average)

    1st game - Missed two 10 pins in the channel, moved 2 boards right on the approach and was 5 out of 6 the rest of the night on 10 pins.
    2nd game - Clean game. Didn't connect any strikes until the 9th and 10th frame (finished with a 4 bagger).
    3rd game - Four splits and one missed 10 pin spare doesn't add up to a good score.

    Overall, it was a good night (even with that last game).
  5. Back to Bowling Boards

    Haven't posted here in quite a while. The arthritis in my knees have continued to slow me down over the last couple of years, and my average has dropped down to the 180's (30 pin drop in the last several years). After my last doctor appointment, my doctor have me a prescription inflammatory, and my knees are feeling a lot better. Had a good practice session today, and was able to use my higher rev release. It felt pretty good and my knees weren't aching at the end. Hoping I can get my game ...
  6. Spare Shooting Woes

    After switching to #bowling left handed a year ago, I am still struggling with my spare shooting. In an effort to improve my accuracy, I tried keeping hand behind the ball, but I was not able to hit my mark consistently. One week, my spare shooting would be decent, and the next week it would be non-existent. I got a new plastic ball and had it drilled conventional for my spares. I worked on my spares using a suit case delivery this week, and I felt like I made a little progress. I have 3 more ...
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