Joys of change.

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So yesterday I got to do my first day of bowling after coach suggested that I make some changes to my approach. Seems that I was starting too close to the line, and doing a 4 step approach that made my timing very early, and putting more muscle than is needed in my swing. Also the suggestion came that I should start with the ball at the center of my body, thereby encouraging a figure-8 swing to help me project out more.

So instead of starting 2-1/2 feet in front of the dots, I'm now starting a foot/18" behind the dots, and still doing a 4 step approach. It feels strangely like preparing to do a high jump. My speed tho has increased a good 2-3 mph, and my revs are up because now I hit a leverage position at the bottom of the swing...the downside is that my thigh and butt are strongly questioning my sanity this morning. My thought is to get used to the new starting position, then rebuild my game around it - too complicated for me to work more than one thing into my game at a time. This month will be the new starting position, next month will be incorporating hitting w/in one board at my first target point.

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