Getting Ready for Nationals

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Yesterday I practiced for about 8 games trying to get ready for nationals. I am putting in 3 games 5 days a week or so, and trying to put in a few 6 game blocks to get ready for doubles and singles. Yesterday I was attempting to not only pick which balls I want to bring with me, but simulate breakdown of lane conditions bowling with multiple people. I took my Storm Invasion, Reign of Fire, Reign, and a Hy-Road. I found a line with all 4 balls, and then bowled four games at once, each of which I threw a different ball. None of these balls had the same line, but they crossed paths quite often. I find this is a good way to break down oil differently than if you were to just bowl a bunch of games on it. My findings were as follows:

Reign of Fire: Amazing ball on fresh oil! I had the most room at the start of the games with this ball. I stood on 33 and threw across 18 at the arrows. I had good solid hits on this line. On my second game of throwing all four balls, my line had to be adjusted. The carry down oil made the ball come in a little light. I moved 1 and 1 left and everything was great again. I averaged 205 with this ball over the two games.

Reign: Although I love this ball, it is a bit touchy on fresh oil. I have a little over/under issues with it before I push the oil down a little. My first game with this ball was only a 197. I had two turkeys during this game, but had two 7 counts and a 6 count do to the over/under. Game 2 was a 245 with an open in the 4th frame. Once the oil opens up a bit, this ball hits the pocket like a MAC TRUCK! Once again, I LOVE THIS BALL!

Invasion: I was surprised by the line I chose with this ball. I stood 32 and threw over 17 at the arrows. This is much more inside than I usually throw with it, but it was working so I didn't argue. On the fresh shot, this ball reads the mid-lane beautifully and then has a good solid back end reaction. Somehow, after all that it still has energy going into the pins. This ball not only reacted the best over the 2 games, but it had the most room for error also. I had a couple slide out in the first game, but it made it back to the pocket enough for some light strikes, and if you miss a board inside it hits so nice it looks like you meant to do it. Game two I gained even more room outside with this ball. Game 1 is a 248 and Game 2 was a 277 with the front 6. By far the best ball of the day!

Hy-Road: I have at least 250 games on this ball. It is a high flare layout, which usually I am not a fan of, but is awesome on this ball. I stood 28 and threw it over 14 at the arrows. This was way farther right than the other 3 balls. Because it is a little used up, I had a hard time getting it to come into the pocket in game 2, I made a couple moves throughout the game and found the line at the end of the game. I shot a 193 game 1 and a sad 173 game 2. This ball is great, but I may need to resurface it again to get it back to par.

After all this, I have decided that the Invasion will be my first ball at nationals, followed by my reign of fire, followed by my Reign. Hopefully I won't have to use anything but the invasion during team event, but doubles and singles will probably end up with the two Reigns. I bowl on May 2nd and 3rd in Reno this year. Wish me luck!

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