Nationals Recap

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Alright, so I am back from nationals. Overall, Reno does a great job hosting the tournament. There is no place that I have bowled that compares to the National Bowling Stadium. As for the USBC, and their running of the tournament, I have a few complaints.
First of all, the oil pattern was a disgrace! They wanted to use Kegel's new technology, and lift the buff brush on the pattern. They had tons of forward oil and almost no reverse. This caused a great playable shot for about 2 games worth of team event. All in all, if they oiled before every competition, this would have been a good pattern.
Which leads me into my second and most important complaint. My doubles and singles squad is the third one of the day. It is preceded by two other doubles and singles squads. The first squad gets fresh oil, the second one got a mostly burnt shot, my squad got the worst shot I have ever seen. It is unfair to bowlers to not get the same oil pattern as everyone else that is bowling the same event. If they want to have doubles and singles not get fresh oil, they make every one bowl after a team event, and then oil for the team event following them. That would be fair. It is silly to think that I stand a chance to compete with people bowling on a fresh pattern when I am left with a washed out, drier than a burnt up house shot, oil pattern.
After I get some time to reflect, I will write a blog about how I scored, the balls I saw work for people, and the lines that we all played. Right now, I am upset that the USBC is conserving money on oil and time instead of running a fair and balanced tournament. Expect the next blog tomorrow or Thursday.

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