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So let me start off by saying, this years nationals shot is one of the easier patterns they have come up with lately for game ONE. It is very heavy oil, and acts like a 45 foot pattern. It is hard to get the ball to turn over, but the back ends are crisp, so when it turns it hooks. I used a Reign of Fire with the out of box 1000 grit finish for all three games of team event. I found that I had to start inside of where I was last year to start the first game. I was standing at 25, setting it down on 18 or so and playing across the 14 board out to the 10 board or so. This is a fairly straight line for someone that revs the ball as much as I do. For the people with less revs on the ball, play the same break point, but move the feet right and the mark a little right. This line lasted almost all of game one. GAME#1 221
Game 2 I found the right lane dried out a little sooner than the left (this was the case during doubles and singles too), and I made a two board adjustment with my feet and one with my eyes. This line worked for about half the game and then I went one and one to get it back. Game 2 you will find the mid-lane read start to work, but a little more skid in the back end. This caused multiple people to have problems carrying the 10 pin. Personally, the Reign of Fire still carried really well. GAME #2 205
Game 3, now this is where it gets interesting. I started game 3 standing on 30, setting it down on 23 and going across the 17 board at the arrows. The oil was so messed up, that I had two separate break points on the lane (mid lane and back end). The right lane I had to move almost every shot to keep up with the condition. The left lane was slightly more forgiving. I ended up through the nose multiple times during this game on the right lane, and lacked carry on the left. GAME #3 is a 178
In conclusion for the team event, bring something aggressive to start the game out. I had a teammate throwing a 500 Invasion!!! As the lanes dry out, I found that a ball that could slide through the burn and not lose it's reaction would be a good second choice. I didn't bring a ball that wasn't fairly aggressive, so I stuck with the same ball. As you can tell by my game 3 score, it didn't work out as well as it could. Especially since last year during team, game 3 was my best score I have ever shot at nationals!
As for doubles and singles, I will not be much help. If you read my last blog, I got a very burnt up version of the shot due to the USBC's lack of ability to run a fair tournament. Because of the ball speed I had to use to score decent in doubles (516), I also ended up hurting my ring finger. It swelled up to the point of not fitting in two of my three strike balls I brought with me. I lost a lot of consistency and revs on the ball. I also got frustrated and that didn't help either. For singles, I am not sure that I hit flush pocket one time during the three games. I shot a disastrous and embarrassing 421. My finger is still swollen 3 days later. I am deeply disappointed with the USBC for allowing only a fraction of the people who pay to bowl this tournament to get fresh oil.
In summary, bring something very aggressive to start and make sure to have a slightly less aggressive follow up. For doubles and singles, if you have fresh oil, use the same thing as during team. For those of you that don't, bring a ball that goes as long as possible, but still hits hard in the back end. I would recommend either a Virtual Energy, Tropical Heat, or a Fast if you are smart enough to throw Storm equipment. You will need as much length as you can get your hands on. Good luck everyone! I hope that you all can match or exceed my 604 during team, and get in the ballpark of 1800 for all events. Please leave me comments with your findings at nationals, or if this helped at all. I hope it does, because otherwise I am posting my terrible scores for nothing

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