Positive Visualization

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I'm a senior at FHS in Ohio. tryouts for the bowling team ended last weekend and I averaged 209 with a high game of 249. I'm on Varsity and feel that I'm in a leadership position and can help our team succeed. One way I'm doing this is to teach them about positive visualization. I've learned about this through Psychology class and research and it has really helped me. Pro atheletes use this to better themselves and motivate themselves.

Positive Visualiztion and how I use it-

I use this method to get focused before a practice or match. I calm myself and close my eyes. I picture my approach and letting the ball go, I view my release from a side angle, kind of like a camera angle. I then picture my ball going down the lane and reacting the way I want it to. This is important because even though you might not find your mark right away, it will come. And you will be more comfortable hitting it. I view my ball going down the lane from different angles also.

You can do this for anything you want or think that will help you. Your footwork, armswing, etc...


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