PBA League 8/3

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Pattern: Shark

Game 1- 212:

I started the night with a 212. I threw my Virtual Gavity with a 4x4 layout. The ball was recently heat cleaned so was like a fresh ball. I started with a taking speed off and keeping my revs up. I was shooting around 15.5 to about 10.5. This line was hitting very well. I ended with a clean game. Took 3/4 points

Game 2- 188:

When I started the 2nd game i was playing a close line to was i had the prior game. It was still holding the line very well. Had a clean game into the 10th and then left a nice 6-7. O got one and finished with a 188. the bowler after me needed a spare to beat me. He left a 10 pin. He hadnt missed a 10 all day but missed this one.. I ended up beating him by 1 pin. Took 4/4 points.

Game 3- 210

This game i was still playing the same line but the ball did come back a little strong on certain shots.. I moved a board left and was right back on it.. Or atleast one the right lane.. I would throw a flush pocket strike on the right but would come in high on the left. I decided to just throw the Virtual Energy on the left and continue with the Virtual Gravity on the right. This worked well and it also have me a possible shot for the next lane using the VE. Took 4/4 points.

Game 4- 183

Went into this game playing a little deeper and getting the ball a little farther out. I was playing around 20 to 9ish. When doing this I would take just a hair of speed off. This did work well just had a couple bad breaks. Took 3/4 points.

Set- 793

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