The failing USBC

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I have been in a month long argument with the USBC. They have chosen to just not respond anymore, so I feel like it is my duty to bring the problem to the attention of other bowlers. I am ready to wash my hands with the USBC completely and start a national average company myself.

I bowled a sanctioned 300 on August 2nd of 2011. This being in a summer league that was sanctioned under the 2010-2011 season. I filled out my award form, and payed $60 extra to get the semi precious stone top. I got my ring around 10 weeks later, and the top was not what I ordered. It was the semi precious top for the 2011-2012 season. Not only is this not what I wanted, but it is for a season I hadn't even bought my membership for yet. I told the USBC about the problem and they said that they award any honor score shot after August 1st the next seasons top. I am very unhappy with the style I got, and asked that they refund my extra money I spent. They told me that they will not refund my money, and that the August 1st deadline is based on MOST leagues in the USA. I can't name a single league in the state of Oregon that starts before the last week of August, so that doesn't make sense either. I am tired of the USBC lording over the sport and not representing it well. Bowling has seen a large decline over the last decade, partly due to the economy, but also because the sport isn't marketed well, and the USBC charges too much for doing such a terrible job.
The USBC had over 13 test programs for different changes to their program out last year in certain test areas, and after all the work those test areas did the USBC CHANGED NOTHING! It is still the trash heap that it was the year before. I wasted time in a meeting with the USBC rep, and a couple long league meetings trying to push their test program and get them the info on what my bowlers did and didn't want. ALL FOR NOTHING!
As a USBC bowler for the last 20 years, (YABA and ABC for part of it), and an annual bowler of 2 or 3 USBC tournaments, I am very tempted to not pay them for their services. All I really need from them is a book average, and I don't see why we as bowlers can't form a company tat has bowling centers send approved league standing sheets to us, and then we make a database online that tournament directors and league coordinators could view to see if the person has a sanctioned average.
I would love to hear other's opinions on the USBC and the idea of just paying a couple dollars a year for a sanctioned average, and if bowling centers wanted to offer award programs, they could do it themselves. Please comment on this blog or send me a Private message if you have an opinion.

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  1. Trex's Avatar
    I agree with you 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My OP is this....The USBC does nothing to give credit to bowling as a real sport even though they claim they do!!!!!

    They pass regulations that should never be passed!!! And these stupid regulations are passed by people who do not have enough brains to under stand the Science of Bowling to begin with!!! & should therefore never have the authority to do so!!!!

    As for your order...They should have made it right!! But then I am not surprised that these morons would rip you off as they are rip off artist anyway!!!

    Just my OP