6 months in!

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Well it's been a while since I've posted, but I haven't stopped bowling! My first 4 months of bowling with my own ball I was trying to learn as much as I can with much help from people on here, watching countless videos, and coaches from my son's team. I got a few high games but couldn't stay consistent...hardly ever/if ever hitting the 200+ mark. I joined a winter sports league in late February, and let me tell it was the best thing I ever done for my bowling experience. My highest game was a 198 and my lowest, which was on the last week was a 107! I did however learn a lot about adjusting, ball speed, playing inside, changing and using all of the releases I've learned only using 2 strike balls and my spare ball.
At the time my favorite ball was my C300 Mass Eruption and I still love how buttery smooth it rolls down the lane, but it wasn't for every situation and it was the only ball that got me 200 games. I heard, read, and saw videos of the DV8 Brutal Nightmare and I was sold and got it drilled pin down. Even though it hooks a lot...I just wasn't a fan of it for long term, but I had always started my games with it because it needs oil. I also talked with a lot of people here and in the alleys about trying to be consistent with my strikes. I kept getting the same answers..."Practice getting good at spares...etc!" Yeah, yeah, yeah. I was getting good at spares and had a few complete games hitting all or at least only missing one spare in a game, but the most you can score in a game with all 9 spares is a 190 or 191 if your last ball was a strike. The most strikes I had in a row for a single game is 4 (which still stands today)!
Well after my sports league ended (especially after that 107 game) I took a week and a half off of bowling. Didn't watch any bowling or videos and didn't get on the boards much either. Spent some time in the gym and running a lot. I then told myself that I didn't want to sell or give away my Brutal Nightmare and that I'm gonna bowl with it until I get a 200 game out of it. My first game back I threw a 184 and I thought ok...my rust wasn't too bad. But I started concentrating more and bring back things I'm supposed to focus on, like not lifting my eyes from the target until the ball passes it...following the ball to the pins to see where it reacts to the pins left or right and making adjustments...dropping the ball lower in my stance for slow speed, and raising it for faster speed. I started to get more consistent. My strikes started to come more frequent!
May 1st I threw a 200 game! An exact 200 game! I had only 4 200 games ever before that...3 in February which were my first ever, none in March and only 1 in April. Two days later on March 3 I threw my 2nd exact 200 game with my highest series of a 575 because of a 195 and 180 the other 2 games! Two days later another 200 game with the score of 202, 187, and 188 which gave me a 577 series! Next day 223 which was my highest game ever! Day after that which was May 11th...I got a 226! Days later another 200, followed by another 200! Still no 600 series yet nor have I gotten past 4 strikes in a row in any one game (although the last 4 of one game and the first of the next). So that's 7 200 games this month and my average is so far a 175. I had some bad games, but it didn't deter my confidence. Yes I know your spare game is just as important, but it's damn near impossible to get in the 200 mark without a some strikes. So 6 months into bowling and things have definitely improved for me!
Summer league starts tomorrow where I get a ball at the end of the league and I'm excited! It's not sports so hopefully my average will better than the 149 average I had then. Maybe I'll finally get a 600 series, or a 250 game, or heck a 300, 700, 800 series! Who knows? I'm gonna enjoy it!
Oh yeah...Brutal Nightmare is definitely my favorite ball now!

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