Is this a realistic possibility?

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I'm not currently in college but I have a plan I want to check on. I want focus on this only one section because I know everything else about schooling. Is it possible for me at 20 to achieve an athletic scholarship for bowling? I checked on every school that offers bowling and I outperform every one of there students. Can I call them and ask for them to check me out? I looked around online and I found some sources that say it's possible but a stretch. If I can get a decent enough scholarship I can go to school and possibly put forth a bowling career so i'm 100% serious about this. Any advice or details about this would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Amyers's Avatar
    I'm no expert but I would think it would be possible. You might find some more information at iabowling.com. Another resource to get additional information would be powerofyouthbowling.com. Good luck and hope you find some help.
  2. wannabepro's Avatar
    Thank you but for whatever reason i'm scared to call a school.
  3. LOUVIT's Avatar
    I guess you could research the school and contact them online, maybe send them a video and average? Don't know I'm way past school age. If I was you I'd do whatever needed to find out. Making a call is not hard.Go for it!