2016-2017 season blog

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it's going to be my third year back bowling from my 13 year hiatus. I am ready to make the next step from last year. I went through all kinds of problems in my form and started out at a 135 average.I reset my whole approach last year and ended with a 175 average. We ended up in 2nd Place with a few bonus checks. I really took last year to relearn the game of bowling and now I am beginning to see the benefits. The USBC academy videos and the resources on this site has helped tremendously. I did a summer eliminator using a sports pattern and the organizer put on some of the hardest patters anyone could ever bowl on. These sessions helped me improve my angle accuracy and forced me to adjust to all kinds of different releases, speeds, and angles. If you were to miss even a half a board the ball would never come back. My highest series in these patterns ranged from 580 to around 460.

The Center I bowl at has upgraded their lanes to synthetic about 3 years ago and is a USBC compliant alley. This year I put together my own team with some pretty good players for the Fall. The league is your average old guy beer league but we all are pretty competitive. We have a few 200 avg. guys but most fall between 160 -185. It will be interesting to see how my team will change the oil patterns and affect the other bowlers. My Goal is to maintain a 200 average and finally hit a 700 series during the year. We will probably be the youngest team in there so i cant wait to shake it up a bit.

I will have a recap of my games every week once the league starts. Maybe a few videos from time to time during the year.


First week did not go as planned but I still bowled better than my previous average. I ended up with a lot of strikes but I struggled mighty on spares mostly 7s..... I endded with a 172, 188, and 177 to end the night averaging 4 open frames a game. It was hard to see myself miss that much but at least I know what I need to work on. X X I have two new people bowl on my team so next week I will find out how many games I won after the handicap is determined.

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