Am I meant to be a pro bowler?

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I should start by saying I absolutely don't want too. I feel like I could take bowling back into the mainstream but taken seriously. I'm only 20 but life seems to offer me nothing friendly hints that professional bowling is what i'm meant to do. I'm only 20 and bowl three nights a week with my father. Thursday nights I average a 236. Friday nights I average a 232, and on Saturdays I average a 242. I have won tournaments and have done really well even coming in first more then I have lost. I'm the kind of 20 year old who is broke, still lives at home and has no life direction. I'm constantly asked if i'm tour yet by many of my peers. My family all my life has told that is what I should be. I know it would mean the world to my father and I want him to see me be something before it's too late. If this is the world i'm meant to be in I think I would love it but right now I don't. It's hard for to talk to anyone about how I feel or to say yes. I have been a loser(legitimately not pity) all my life so it's hard for me to imagine a world in which a succeed. It may not seem like much but in my three years of being on an adult league I have shot 4 300s and 3 800s. I don't say that to brag I just say that to validate that i'm not a one trick pony on an easy shot because honestly the house I bowl on is junk. Here is an example lane 2(18 lane house) won't even correctly set the six pin down. It leaves a gap about three inches to the left. This has been going on with people complaining for nine weeks straight. In nine minutes they finally fixed the problem tonight. Once a week there is at least one set of lanes that break down. Anyway, I would greatly appreciate a conversation or especially a wake up call. My problems as I forgot to mention with being a pro bowler are as follows; not a great source of income, lack of career longevity, and criticism. To wrap this up please leave a comment if you have made it this far. Even if I don't reply right away I will always come back asap. Thanks for reading, bye.

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