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Men's League (Week of 10 Dec 2017)

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Had a pretty good night on my Men's league this week. Rolled a 215, 245, 171 for a 631 series on a 191 average. A 631 series isn't out of this world, but it felt good. I didn't miss the pocket until the 8th frame of the 2nd game. (I knew my ball wasn't going to make it back up to the head pin as soon as I let it go.) My spare shooting was also pretty good last night. I missed one makeable spare (ten pin in the 7th frame of the 3rd game).

I started out on board 35 targeting 15 at the arrows with my spare ball (high rev release). Was able to stay in the pocket by adjusting my speed (by moving forward and back on the approach). The 3rd game, I had to move in, and lost some of my accuracy. (I always have issues when I have to start targeting inside the 3rd arrow.)


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