Online Bowling Notes #03

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"PUSH" is a reference to the average skid length of a ball past the end of the oil pattern to the breakpoint. Push is basically contingent
on a bowlers speed and rev rate, With Rev Rate appearing to be the dominate factor.

Another potential discovery is that a ball thrown with 350 rpm at about 18 miles per hour appears to be the optimum rev rate. Why? This preliminary research shows that at this rate a bowling ball seems to skid the proper amount to achieve optimum entry angle. As typical with research, more study is needed.

Note: This information is from a old past article about some USBC research.

Revolution Rate MPH PUSH (in feet)
170-200 16.9 2.3
200-250 17.7 2.7
250-300 18.1 5.4
300-350 18 7.7
350-400 18.4 6.3
400-500 18.7 5.9
Stremmel 2006

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