Florida Classic 7/18

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So I came down to AMF Longwood today to shoot the Fl classic tournament. I was told once i got here that it was a 35ft shot.. oh were they wrong.. 1st ball with my virtual energy drilled 4x4 didnt even think about moving.. the shot that is supposedly a 35 ft modified PBA TOC pattern is playing like a 50ft shot.. It took almost 3 full games to get a 5 board hook.. Then the shot started to break down and it wasnt too bad.. with handicap i made the cut in singles with a 717.. When i left i was also sitting in 1st in doubles with a 1437.. not too bad.. im winning good $$ in brackets as well.. The key to this shot is the inside lines... there is not much play on the outside and crossing to go brooklyn is almost impossible unless the ball is dead pulled off hand an is going straight to brooklyn... there seem to be a good hold around 15 anything outside of that you run the risk of the ball not coming back.. ill continue to update as the trny goes on.. but im at the hotel now and gonna get a little rest...

Also after bowling i had to go buy be a personal fan... the center is sooo hott which is also causing the shot to break down weird..

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  1. JaxBowlingGuy's Avatar
    ok so I offically made the cut.. 5th highest series so far after the 1st cut. not too sure if im still 1st in doubles, they dont post that online
  2. JaxBowlingGuy's Avatar
    1st 3 games are singles and the next 3 are doubles..

  3. JaxBowlingGuy's Avatar
    Finished 4th in doubles..

    Made cut for singles then to crap.. missed next cut by 50 pins.. Finished 30ish