Florida Bowlers Classic Part 3 (Finals)

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Today was the final day of the trny. went into today in 3rd and 4th in doubles (different partners) and I was in the cut for the semi's. I got there before the last squad to watch everyone to see what lines they were playing and how the balls were reacting. It didnt look to be much different than yesterday.. miss inside it would take off, miss outside and no chance of coming back. I saw more splits in this months trny then all the others combined. It was split city.. Well by the end of the regular squads I ended up having someone else tie me for 3rd in doubles and i got bumped to 5th in the other because of it. I got decent $ for placing in that and still had singles to finish. I started the semi's and i just didnt have anyhting for that shot.. I was warn out from throwing 3 squads yesterday and throwing it so hard to actually get the ball to the break point. Well I got my $ for just making the semi's.. I went into the proshop which was a Storm VIP shop and ran by a Staff member. They had the Reign which isnt scheduled to come out until Sept 3rd. It was 1 of the 2 that the staff member got. He drilled one and is selling the other. The price was good and they threw in free grips so I bought it. I have 2 leagues paying out this week so Ill be good. :-)

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