PBA League Final Rolloffs 8/24

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Last night was the final nightof my summer PBA league. I went into the roll off seeded 18th of 44. we do ours bracket style when highest seed bowls lowest with top 10 getting a 1st rd bye.. I as paired against the 33rd place guy that was carrying a 163 average to my 183 for the season. The shot was the PBA US Open. This is a 40ft flat pattern gutter to gutter. I will start by saying it played nothing like it should. people were already swinging the ball in the 1st game. hmmmm... well the guy i bowled just must of had a horseshoe in his back pocket or something. he went through the 6 pin 3 times and struck.. through the nose many many times and strikes.. I lost the 1st game by 16. it was a 2 game total pinfall will advance. he came back out in he 2nd game with the same shots and same results... strike after strike with the ugliest hits i had seen in a while..well in the 4th i ended up just throwing a new ball to start to get it broke in since i wasnt going to catch him.I ened up losing and getting knocked out 1st rd but hey still got $90...lol

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