League 8/26 (Last Night)

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Tonight was our last night of league and we came into tonight in 4th place. We couldnt catch the 3rd place team, but could fall as far as 9th if we didnt hold our own. We came out of the gate losing by 20 pins . I shot a 201 during this game. The 2nd game we come back to win by 22 pins. I didnt do much help this game posting a 174. Now we are 2 pins apart with the advantage to us. The 3rd game was all ours. We ran away with it and won by almost 100 pins. I added a 190 to the team this game. We finished 4th over-all and also got 2nd for team scratch game. My ending average ended up being 201 which wasnt too bad for a "ball test" league to get my line up for the winter league that starts tomorrow night.

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