09-10 Season

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August 27-Poelking Marian Lanes-Dayton (still with a cast)
First night of league in new (to me) house. Again, bowling orphan, placed with a team. Bunch of good guys-had a great time. I was told it was a rough league, if a 300 or 800 isnt shot on any night, its a rough night, 25% average 220+.
Started practice with the Gladiator Pearl, it was ok, but when the lights came on, switched over to the Virtual Gravity. Started with the first 5, finsihed with 254. Second game, started with first 5 again, sixth was a little light, leaving a 4 pin-finished 232. About the 8th frame of 2nd game the lanes broke down in a hurry, and I didnt recover until the 4th frame of the 3rd game. One strike in the first 4 frames, then 5 in a row, and a pocket 4-9 in the 10th for 185, 671 series.
Overall, a good night, just missed reading the lanes late in the second game.

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