League 2/28 (meeting and 1st night)

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Last night was the meeting and 1st night of bowling for my 4 person mixed scratch league. Well the meeting seemed like it took forever with a rules change or alter on almost every one. we are running a 23 point system. 3 points per team game win, 2 points for team total, andd 1 point per game per singles win (you bowl the person accross you). The higher team in the standings will set their line up 1st and then the opposing team with set who they want to match up.This is a 9pm league so we will be bowing after the league prior to us. oh joy this will be a messed up shot..lol.. when we went to start bowling our 4th person had not shown up. he was placed on our team and we had no idea who he was. we had enough cap room to allow the proshop owner to sub for him. he is a PBA card holder.

our 1st game went we well. my girlfriend shot 247 and the rest of us held ok. the shot was very dry for this house from the start. I shot a 190 which i though would be my lowest game.. wellll i was wrong..lol we took 6/7 points

our 2nd game didnt go so smooth.. everyone dropped and the team we bowled seemed to of came alive.. i added a 177 to that game. that was one of the hardest
170's i had ever shot... we won 2/7

the last game was more of the same... bad... we lost he team game again.. but this time our whole team started good.. I had the first 3 and still only finished with a 174... we won 1/7.. we also lost total for 9/23 points.. we will have some catching up to do...

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