Saturday night 9 pin no tap

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Tonight is my weekly 9 pin no tap "trny". Its more of a bowling for bux, which is actaully the name. There are different color pins and are worth different amounts. Splits are your big $$. If you add a color pin into it then double it, 2 pins, triple.. Tonight I shot well. Came out the gate strong with a 268. The shot was alot better than it usually is and was really able to find a line quick. Going into the 2nd game I did notice my ball was wanting to try to hook a little early so I moved a couple boards in and kept close to the same breakpoint. Finished that game with a 240. By the 3rd game I always get to play the line I come to play..lol. I but extra sidpot tickets just knowing that I'll usually shoot very well. This time was like usual. I shot 279. Split 1st frame and went 7-2 for a 9 count. after that there was no turning back. I won 2 sidepots to make my night worth going. I ended with high game but was edged out in series. Over all it was a good night and the rest will be spent on some Wii bowling.. :-)

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