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    Introducing the Cobra Special Edition from AMF 300. AMF 300 is bringing back a classic, but has updated the cover for today’s lane conditions. This special edition features a solid S74 cover that gives you smooth transition from wet to dry with a heavy roll through the pins.

    The Bull Whip Special Edition is another new classic release from AMF 300. The Bull Whip features a Pearl F73 cover. The Bull Whip gives you a good compliment to the Cobra with more length and a stronger backend reaction.

    Our second tester saw the same smooth reaction and was forced a bit to the right thanks to his higher ball speed. The Cobra Special Edition is sure to be one of the most consistent and reliable balls in your bag.

    The grip is one of AMF’s previous releases in its mid priced line. The grip gives you more overall hook and a similar backend motion. The Cobra Special Edition is a great compliment to your grip.

    To learn more about the AMF 300 Cobra Special Edition visit

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    Getting ready to punch mine up tonight. I am going to go with 5x50x40
    Still love the game but had to quit because of my left leg amptation
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