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Thread: Pyramid path double roller

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    Default Pyramid path double roller

    Just got mine yesterday. Found it on sale at for 54.99 with free shipping. For a cheaper option this bag seems very well put together and hopefully will hold up very well. The shoe compartment holds my size 12s and a stack of towels perfectly with extra room. The zippers are very thick and feel strong. The side compartment could be a bit bigger but i dont not carry much so it will fit me just fine. The ball compartment comes with full dividers that velcro attach to the inside. Only thing i would like to see is a strap to secure the balls into the cups as when you lay it down from rolling you can hear the balls fall back into the cups. The wheels are only 3inch but they feel pretty solid. Dont have to worry about rolling through snow or ice here in FL lol. All in all im quite happy with it.

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    I'm currently in the middle of purchasing one of these from for $59. I can't justify paying anymore than that for a 2-ball roller bag.

    And one of the reasons I decided to go with this bag is because of the 3" wheels. Other bags that I saw in this price range had smaller wheels. The bigger the wheel the easier it is to pull over obstacles and curbs.

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    I've been hearing good things about Pyramid bags. I'll be in the market for bag soon, and I'm debating a Pyramid, or DV8. I haven't heard much about the DV8 bags, other than they look cool. You guys may have me thinking of getting a Pyramid.


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