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Thread: USBC Nationals tourney

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    Default USBC Nationals tourney

    Has anyone in hear bowled the nationals this yr? If you have what is the shot like? I have looked on the net without much success in seeing the explanation of the shot. I wish they would go to 4 man/women teams instead of the 5 team members. Also would like to see them give at least 15 min of shadow practice just for the team events. When shooting the dbls and singles 10 min like they have now is ok, since there are not 10 bowlers on a pair.

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    Didn't this tournament end in June or July?

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    im planning on going to nationals this year if i can get my avg high enoph to go because i want to go and see what its like and see if im able to do it i dont care about how much its going to cost and how bad i will probly bowl but its a learning experience
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    I have been there the last 8 years in a row. Need to find a new team to go with. Hopefully i can hook up with a different group from maryland. where I used to bowl.


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