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    I just got back in to bowling so i decided to get this back just encase this is an phase thing. The cost was low and it look pretty damn cool.

    But as they say, "You get what you pay for".

    The major problem is that they say you can fit a size 15 shoe in the bag. I wear a size 10 and can barely even get one in there. Forget even trying to get put your shoe in the bag when you have two balls. The second problem is the zippers, just the second time using the bag the zippers come apart when trying to close it. Lastly hope that you dont need to walk very far with the bag on your shoulders, the straps are not that good as well.

    The only thing i still like about this bag is how it looks.

    Also, I think bowlers paradise is rigging the reviews. I left a review similar to this after i got the bag and it still not posted.

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    A lot of bags are like that, hard to put the shoes in the compartment. Did you try putting the shoes in the shoe compartment first, then put the balls in the bag.

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    Yup, i could get only one shoe in there with no balls in the bag

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    I have a storm rolling thunder tourney edition 2 ball bag and happy to say my size 14 shoes fit in the shoe compartment with room to spare for other items. The side large pocket could be a little higher but I highly reccomend the bag.


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