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Thread: Favorite NFL Team?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike White View Post
    If I had to pick, I'd say the Green Bay Packers.

    Reason.. There is about 0 chance of them moving to the L.A. Area.

    And therefore 0 chance of them moving away. (Rams / Raiders)

    P.S. I have relatives in the Green Bay area.
    I hear they found out YOU HAVE their new location,,,,,they are in the process of moving yet again!!! ( Under the relative protection program!)
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    I have no favorite NFL team. I root for the Titans to win or lose because I live in tennessee now but is about it. -- USBC Tennessee (2204-27181) California (222-32895) -- In The Bag --> Roto Grip Wrecker - Roto Grip Hyper Cell - Storm Polar Ice Hybrid

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    Pittsburgh Steeler for as long as I can remember. Been through the good times and bad ones as well(just like this year). Still cannot fathom that the steel curtain(albeit filled with rust holes) lost so many games for us already.
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    I used to say Dallas Cowboys, mainly because as a child my dad liked the Redskins, and his friend liked the Cowboys; his friend convinced me that the Cowboys were better to annoy my dad. I've never really had an interest in football though, and almost never watch any.

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