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Thread: Titans... Will they go all of the way?

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    Default Titans... Will they go all of the way?

    So I am just wondering if you all think that the Titans can go undefeated?
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    Well, the Patriots did last year only to lose to the GIANTS (yeah, still sweet after 9 months) in the only game that matters the most.

    There is the Titans remaining schedule:
    Jaguars 4-5
    Jets 6-3
    Lions 0-9
    Browns 3-6
    Texans 3-6
    Steelers 6-3
    Colts 5-4

    Only the Jets and the Steelers have winning records, but both the Jags. and the Browns could upset that perfect 16-0 record. The Browns handed the Giants their only loss and their 3-6. All of these teams (minus the Lions) could upset their apple cart.

    If the Titans go all the way (16-0) great for them, but losing in the playoffs or the Super Bowl and their season will be a complete loss. Do you think New England have the warm and fuzzies thinking about their perfect reg. season of 16-0 or do they think about that one loss to put them at 18 and 1.
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    Nope, won't happen. No way, no how. It's exhausting. I'm not even ON the Patriots, and every week was exhausting. Then you have teams like the Ravens (who couldn't even get out of THEIR OWN WAY last year) and you name it, stepping up their games to beat you and make the stupid 72 dolphins happy..... I just don't think it will ever happen. I think the best shot was last year, and that's come and gone. I don't think I will see an undefeated team in my life time.
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