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Thread: What pro teams does everyone like?

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    Default What pro teams does everyone like?

    Being here in Colorado, I am an Avalanche, Nuggets fan, but that is about it. Who do you all like?
    Go Broncos!

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    Y A N K E E S !!!!!!!!!!

    Im a native New Yorker
    ~Brian Hirsch~
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    Growing up, I lived in Cincinnati and I liked the Reds until free agency happened-then I lost interest in the game. I'm a Steelers and Penguins fan, follow the Columbus Crew of the MLS and Manchester United futbol club. Also, to my wife's chagrin, I'm a NASCAR fan-Tony Stewart!!!
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    Well, being from New York, I Bleed Blue for:

    NY Islanders-die hard Isles fan
    NY Giants-who needs the Tuna
    NY Yankees & NY Mets-there's always next year

    Don't follow the Knicks

    Strong DISLIKE for the Rangers

    Gotta give my adopted Home town gridiron chokers... I mean.....heroes a nod
    Houston Texans
    Houston Aeros AHL (Minor League Ice Hockey)
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    Baseball is my favorite sport, by far and away. I was actually born in Morristown, NJ and my pops lived his whole life there. The problem is, he went to college in Boston and married into a Boston family, so my grandfather decided he'd sooner die than see me grow up a yankees fan. He took me to Fenway more times than I could count. Summers were the best. So, OF COURSE my baseball affiliation is Red Sox, mostly because of the memories I spent watching them with my Grandfather, who is no longer with us and never lived to see them win it.

    Next is football, and you'll see me rooting for the Pats. I do wish they would bring back the minute man in the 3 point stance, at least as an alternate jersey. I was never on board with the flying elvis.

    After that, basketball and hockey flip all the time. Hockey used to be my favorite sport, until they changed all the rules after the strike. I don't care for it anymore. Of course, I'm a Bruins and a Celtics fan.

    I don't believe in having multiple teams. I could care less about any of the teams in Dallas. And I couldn't care less if their teams are strug-a-ling..... (I love that ending. Joe's just a happy guy... Oh boy, is he happy.)
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    I have always loved football over all the other sports. I have many favorite teams, but I love The Colts. I have always been a huge Peyton Manning fan. And I love their offense and defense when everyone is healthy. I think they have the two best captains in all of football. On offense you have Peyton, and on defense you have Bob Sanders. I do not think anyone else comes close to those two as leaders. Plus, it is remarkable how well Peyton knows the game. I have seen film where he can tell you everyone's job on every play. That is major dedication to your craft. And when Bob Sanders is healthy, the defense is a beast. Other than that I do not really have much interest in sports. I find the rest of them rather boring.
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    Being from Michigan I am a

    1. Tigers fan
    2. Red Wings fan
    3. Pistons fan
    4. Lions fan

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    Default re pro teams

    i am a native floridian and i root for: dolphins since 79
    2.orlando magic since 89
    and since i have family in mass i root for

    3. redsox

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    Default World Phucking Champions!

    Phillies baby!!! We finally have a championship in our town. Now to work on the next one. The Eagles suckkkkkkkk... The Flyers are getting there. The 76's??? Who??? lol...

    MY favorite all-time would definitely be the Flyers though

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    Let's start this up again after about 2 1/2 years of no activity.....My favorite teams are: Michigan State football and basketball, Detroit Lions, Detroit Tigers, and Detroit Pistons, Jacksonville Jaguars, Orlando Magic and whoever is playing against the UM Wolverines!!

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