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Thread: How many people here have a MySpace?

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    Default How many people here have a MySpace?

    Just curious if you have a MySpace account?

    If you do and you love Bowling as much as many others, please add our link to your profile page anywhere.

    add your own comments like... Check Out ... Great Bowling Forum... or whatever you like.

    What this does, is it tells people like you who love bowling about and they will come and talk with you.

    Please help us as we help you

    Go Broncos!

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    I've got one and so does my wife but when we go there from the home pc the modem resets itself, and we lose the connection. The same thing has started to happen with the PBA site, so I've stopped going there. I have to restart to get back on and it's a pain. We think it may be an issue with the modem itself, but can't get a straight answer out of Bell South.

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    No MySpace, but I do have facebook...
    There's always one off center in the rack

    Info: AVG 206, Stroker, Righty, Gladiator Pearl, Track The Rising, Hammer Rayzr, Storm Virtual Gravity, Storm Reign, PBA Platinum

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