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Thread: Colorado Bowlers Welcome

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    Default Colorado Bowlers Welcome

    Hello fellow Colorado Bowlers, if you have any tips or need regional help, lets talk
    Go Broncos!

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    Hello Colorado bowlers,

    I am new at this forum, but not from bowling. Let me clarify that a little. Some 20 years ago I quit bowling altogether due to personal reasons. It wasn't bowling as such, but the significant other. Moving on.

    Now that I'm back in the sport I had found the plethora of bowling equipment altogether different. Ball's cover stock reactive resin, not urethane and plastic. Lanes now fake boards. I can remember having a three ball bag that contorted the shoulder. Now it's a six ball wheeled suitcase. Columbia and Hammer were big names, now it's Storm. Where did they come from?

    Now that I'm a bowler again, I do have to say that the changes I'm experiencing are for the better. The balls I used to claim as the best were Columbia's white and yellow dot, and Hammer's orange urethane. I now have been introduced to Storm's Furious. I'm currently studying getting the 2nd Dimension and the Natural to add to my arsenal. In just 5 months I have an average some 15 to 20 pins higher. I used to struggle to achieve a 600 series, and just recently I came but 3 pins to my dreaming bowling a 700.

    The reason for adding this thread was to investigate bowling in different areas of town, and looking into being involved with tournaments. Any help and info would be greatly appreciated.

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