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Thread: Columbia TI Messenger Pearl

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    Default Columbia TI Messenger Pearl

    Ti Messenger Pearl
    Color Black/Gold/Pearl
    Veneer Reactive
    Surface Polished
    Core 2-Piece
    Weights 15 lbs

    I was looking for a straight spare ball to compliment my hooky Hammer, and discoverd this gold and black ball in a garage-sale ball and I purchased for "a song". I requested a flat driling and surface restoration, but was told by the pro shop "This is not a spare ball. It has a strong back end" I did not know what that meant, but I let him fill and redrill it as he thought appropriate. This ball I estimate is CA 1990's, so I was not suprised to learn that it was on Columbia's "retired ball" list. yet it became one of the strongest, most reliable balls in my bag. At the time I rolled a Hammer Raw Jacked. It is a joy to watch the TI messenger will rolll straight out and watch it suddenly break back to the pocket. It remains my benchmark ball.

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    This was an awesome ball! The Messenger Line was great.


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